Frequently Asked



What exactly is The Rook?

The Rook is a portable multifunctional smoking and drinking device in discreet and stylish form that gives you (the user) the following options, all at an affordable price:

  • Safely transport herbs within a completely sealed chamber that also serves as the pipe’s bowl.  Having the bowl serve as storage facilitates smoking on-the-go but with more efficiency and the ability to cap & save for later.
  • Use the pipe for smoking anywhere, anytime with a party-sized bowl designed big enough to share.
  • Use the bottle opener to quickly & effortlessly open bottles
  • Use the shotgunner to create holes within beer cans for shotgunning at a moment’s notice
  • Use the gravity cap to create an air-tight seal with a variety of bottles for a simpler, more effective waterfall or gravity experience (and safer too).

Do any smells leak out of The Rook if I’m carrying herb in it? What about right after a smoke session?

Because the cap screws on tight and the Rook’s tube covers the exit hole, the Rook doesn’t give off any noticeable smells, even after many uses.  This includes right after a smoke session.  We do recommend that you clean it often to avoid buildup, but the smell is very minimal.  

Does The Rook clog?

Like any normal smoking device, The Rook will clog over time if it’s not cleaned.  But don’t worry!  We designed the Rook to be extremely easy to clean.  You can easily take it apart to clean off the build-up.  The Rook can handle multiple sessions before any resemblance of clogging, but for best use and ease of drawing, it should be cleaned regularly.

How often do you need to clean out The Rook?  Is it easy to clean?

The Rook needs to be cleaned approximately every two weeks if used daily and every month for less frequent use.  The Rook is easy to clean since it breaks down into three separate parts allowing for better access to remove buildup.  

The perfect cleaning utensil, a pipe cleaner, will be included in each package.  One pass should sufficiently unclog the tube but household items such as Q-tips, toothpicks and rubbing alcohol can be used to remove additional residue.

(One thing to note is that the exit hole of the Rook with a white body will brown much faster and more noticeably than the black body, so you will want to clean those more regularly if you are concerned with the discoloration.)

The Rook is a small pipe.  Do I have to put a flame close to my face?  Will it burn my lips or fingers?

The Rook is a compact pipe that has been specifically designed to position away from your face.  With your bottom lip in the bottom cavity, point the bowl out and away from your face until you find a comfortable position that still lets you draw in air from the opened exit hole.

Since the metal parts remain covered, there is nowhere for you to burn your fingers while you smoke.  Similarly, the mouthpiece cavity does not get hot so there’s no worry there either.

How much herb can be stored in the Rook?  Is it stored in the bowl?

The Rook’s bowl fits nearly a gram of herb which can be stored for later use, on the go, or enjoyed immediately.  

Does the bowl in The Rook come with a screen?  Can I add one?

Just like every new piece, there will be some pull through on the first use.  However, after that there is no need for a screen as your contents will remain safely inside of the bowl.  If you so choose, you could certainly add a small screen at the bottom of the bowl.

What are the dimensions of the Rook?  How much does it weigh?

The Rook is a hair over 3 inches long and just over one inch in diameter.  When sealed, it stands at nearly the exact same height as a Bic lighter.

Can the Rook survive accidental drops and falls?

The Rook was specifically designed for accidental drops and falls.  It is super tough and we will come out with a “feats of strength” video in the near future to display it’s impressive durability.  

Does the Rook acquire a ‘beer taste’ if I use it to shotgun beers?

If you’re using the shotgun tool often and then immediately smoking the pipe, there is a chance for a faint beer taste.  If that’s a concern for you, simply run it under water or wipe it off on an article of clothing.  

Conversely, if you're using the pipe feature often without cleaning it and use the shotgun tool, there is a chance to get a tiny bit of residue in your beer.  While these aren’t issues for us, thorough cleaning solves said issues for anyone else.

Is a keychain included with The Rook?

A keychain ring will be included with The Rook.  The bigger we build, the cooler extras we'll be able to include inside each box.  This is only just the beginning.  Welcome to the show.